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Hammered in Fire and Forged from Rock

'the old fashioned way'

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Our Silversmith's Workbench

Crafters and Forgers of Handmade, Handcrafted Celtic Natural Gemstone British Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery 

All of our silver items are hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office, in keeping with a centuries old tradition and incompliance with UK law.

To be a true hallmark, it must be guaranteed by an independent body.  In the UK, there are only 4 legally recognised bodies; the London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Sheffield Assay Offices.

A Picture Of United Kingdom's Jewellery Hallmarking Laws

Spread the word, Unmatched Quality guaranteed by the Edinburgh Assay Office

Beautiful to wear with any ensemble, our handcrafted jewellery is designed to show off your unique and elegant style.  Using nothing but the finest quality silver, every one of our items is made to last and be cherished for eternity.  If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a truly memorable gift, choose Forged Rock and click our Etsy link below.


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